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Consumer & stakeholder engagement

In ARGIS relationships with our clients, investors, employees; and external collaborators are fundamental to our strategy. Continuous communication to understand the interests of each party is paramount.

Our company is based on a diverse and inclusive workplace environment, where respect and collaboration among all team members are encouraged. We prioritize the well-being and professional development of our employees, as well as transparency in our business relations with partners and suppliers.

This approach enables us to cultivate favourable environment to sustainable personal growth and business success.

Puerta de Sanse (Northern Madrid)


Climate change roadmap

In our development, we integrate last-generation industrialized construction technologies. This innovation enables us to deliver high-quality projects while significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Our strategy focuses on maximizing the use of sustainable resources, such as the implementation of solar panels and geothermal energy, aiming to optimize energy efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.

All our developments get energy certification, demonstrating our ongoing commitment.


End-to-end management of ESG

Transparency is one of the pillars of our company. We adhere to ethical standards in all of our operations.

In ARGIS, incentives are aligned with our values, ensuring that our partners are highly involved in every single investment. Our robust structure enables us to make responsible decisions, generating trust and value for both investors and our clients.

In ARGIS and other investments vehicles of our group, we have external auditors verifying financial statements.

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