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Build to Sell - Residential

At ARGIS, our mission is to create sustainable and innovate spaces that cater the growing demand, while delivering tangible value to our investors.

ARGIS has a vast track record in the Buid to Sell market and will continue to grow its profolio in this segment.

Track record with +880 units sold and +900 units currently under management, averaging + 40 units sold per month.

Build to rent - Flex-Living

ARGIS is a leading player in the Spanish market and currently manages over 1.200 BTR units, 200 of which currently operational and managed by ARGIS' in house operator, Flipco.

Since Flipco's inception in 2015, the brand has revolutionized the industry. It has gathered recognition from educational institutions, students and investors, offering top - notch amenities and services that prioritize customer satisfaction, well-being and the sense of community.

Office to living

Pioneers in the Office to Living conversion segment in high demanded residential areas, which ARGIS has successfully been converting into Residential premises since 2016.

Leisure opportunistic

Opportunities are under analysis to acquire hotels and tourist apartments in several top tier national locations.

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