What we do

Specialized in Real Estate transactions with high profitability

We are a specialized investment and management company that identifies opportunities to develop and enhance Real Estate assets.

We study the evolution of macro trends to anticipate with agility to the needs of the market, offering high-profitability investment vehicles for our investors.


We choose locations with product scarcity and high demographic growth: Our analysis team carefully identifies those locations where demand exceeds supply and there are strong indicators of population and economic growth. This ensures the constant revaluation of the assets we acquire.

Highly professionalized underwriting capabilities: With our experienced team, we conduct a rigorous risk assessment process for our investment decisions. Our investment criteria are strict, ensuring the selection of the right assets.

Development - Value Add

We integrate negotiation, management, and control throughout the development process: We carefully coordinate all stages of product development, from planning to execution, ensuring efficiency and profitability.

We carry out development or remodeling with our internal operations team: We have a professional internal team with solid experience managing all urban or construction permits, ensuring thorough control over project timelines and costs.


Proven management and operation capacity: We comprehensively manage rental properties, including product marketing and sales strategy, commercialization, maintenance, and operational asset management, as well as customer relations.

With our operator Flipco, we take responsibility for the daily activities of the assets, directly optimizing critical tasks that contribute to the success and appreciation of the product.

Highly liquid assets and sectors - exit

We have a solid commercial track record, with pre-sales reaching 100% of each project before completion. This strategy, based on developing projects for the purpose of selling them, ensures a quick and efficient exit from projects, minimizing the periods of retained invested capital.

The Build-to-Core strategy focuses on building products or portfolios with high yields-on-cost, designed to attract large core investors. This approach aims to create assets and platforms that, due to their quality, ESG compliance and profitability, are appealing to large core institutional investors interested in holding stable properties capable of generating long-term income.

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The last 9 years of our track record

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